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摘要:This scoring system consistently classified patients into three categories of risk that predicted response to treatment within 28 days as well as risk of mortality from acute graft-versus-host disease.

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摘要:The paper had compared 12 biomarkers in plasma obtained a median of 16 days after therapy initiation from patients with a complete response by day 28 after therapy initiation and in plasma obtained from patients with progressive GVHD during therapy. We found ST2 levels measured at the initiation of therapy for GVHD and during the first month after transplantation improved risk stratification for treatment-resistant GVHD and death without relapse after transplantation.

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摘要:The paper had compared 8 biomarkers in plasma and found REG3α is a plasma biomarker of GI GVHD that can be combined with clinical stage and histologic grade to improve risk stratification of patients.

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摘要:GenDx excellerator®、AlleleSEQR®、NGSgo®等系列产品获得CE认证。

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